MN DFL Endorsed - Senate District 39

What I can Bring to the Senate.

I am a Scientist - I know science and how scientific issues impact legislative concerns faced at the legislature every year. 

I am a Lawyer - I understand the law and our constitution and how to write and pass good legislation.

I know Business - As a patent attorney I work with businesses and inventors to get a market exclusive and know how hard it is to bring a new product to market or start a new business and what is needed to increase the chances for such success.

I understand Education - I have volunteered for many years in my local school district's curriculum advisory committees and have a solid understanding of the issues facing all of our school districts and what it takes for our children to be the best in the world. 

I understand Health Care -  I know insurance and care issues and what has to be done to reduce costs and also provide for affordable universal coverage. 

Let's Get to Work for Minnesota!

Unfortunately, we have gone to the budget cutting well too many times - under the illusion that by reducing spending we will grow the economy and  that our government in Minnesota is so rife with wasteful spending that any cuts we make will provide positive results. 

On the contrary, it is because of such short-sighted and false economic notions that we are now threatening:

  • the integrity of our infrastructure,
  • the academic excellence of our schools,
  • the beauty of our public parks, and indeed,
  • the very high quality of life that Minnesota has for so long been famous. 

What we need to do to solve this problem is to have the courage of our convictions, and faith in ourselves, our children, our state and our businesses to make the investments that will grow our economy and  provide for the type of  future we all want. 

Hello.  My name is Sten Hakanson and I am in this race because I am very concerned about the obstructionist attitude of certain state house and senate members. We need to break this logjam and get things done for Minnesota.  

​We must act quickly and intelligently to create the good paying jobs we need to rebuild the middle class and create a state economy that benefits everyone.

 Austerity has never led to Prosperity - Just More Austerity

These are some of the unfortunate things that happen when we cut important spending:

1.  We lose jobs, both in the public and private sectors.
2.  Los of jobs means less tax revenue.
3   Loss of jobs also translates into greater reliance on government assistance programs and precisely at a time when we have less money to go around.

4.  An ever smaller economy due to less government and private spending as revenue goes down and the unemployment roles increase.
5.  A weakened ability of the government to protect its citizens from;

               Environmental degradation.

               Dangerous work conditions.

               Hazardous roads and bridges.

               Unhealthy food.
6.  Lower quality education due to fewer course options and extra curricular activities and larger class size.