MN DFL Endorsed - Senate District 39

Why I am in this race.

Hello.  My name is Sten Hakanson and I am in this race because I am very concerned about the obstructionist attitude of certain state house and senate members.  We need to break this logjam and get things done for Minnesota.  Many elected officials  are continuing to operate under tax and spending theories that have long since been proven false.  Cutting wasteful and unproductive spending makes sense, but what does not make sense is the mentality that we can just indiscriminately cut taxes and spending and somehow the economy will expand.  Every time federal or state government reduces spending it essentially results in a loss of  jobs.  With fewer jobs comes the double whammy of fewer taxpayers and less consumer spending - both of which turn the economy south.  What I am saying is that we have to be smart about our spending.  Of course, we must prevent fraud, waste and abuse where we find it, but we must also make the investments in our future by investing in education, our infrastructure, agriculture and high technology to produce good jobs and generate a strong economy.  And we must have a strong sense of urgency in this regard. Too many people have become disheartened and are no longer looking for work, or are underemployed in terms of hours and pay and our millennials are looking for that first real job that can help them pay off their student loans and get on with their lives. It is imperative that we work together constructively to design a budget that optimizes our state's job creating potential. 

Let's Get Things done for Minnesota!

Austerity has never led to Prosperity

We cannot solve our economic problems with budget cuts. That is the myth that must be dispelled. Why is this so?  On a basic level, it is because spending is what drives an economy and a dollar spent does not know or care if it was spent by government, a business or an individual. Thus, reductions in reasonable and necessary government spending will slow down the economy of the state, not speed it up. It must also be understood that an individual's home budget does not equate with or operate like a large state economy.  Where any one individual can cut expenses and, of course, not impact their income, reductions in state spending, as stated above, ultimately reduces state tax revenue income.  Part of the reason being that a reduction in government spending is not taken up by the private sector.  The reason this is so is because government spends in ways that private industry cannot and will not, yet represents expenditures that are critical to our quality of life and a vibrant economy. Primarily though, lowered government spending ultimately translates into a loss of public and private sector jobs, so we lose not only the tax revenue from those jobs and the boost to the economy that results from people having income to spend, but to add insult to injury, we end up placing a greater strain on a now tightened budget and on those that still have a job in order to provide support services for those that are unemployed.

Unfortunately, we have gone to that budget cutting well too many times under the illusion that by reducing spending we will grow the economy and  that government is so rife with wasteful spending that any cuts we make will provide positive results.  On the contrary, it is because of such short-sighted and false economic notions that we are now threatening the integrity of our infrastructure, the academic excellence of our schools, the beauty of our public parks, and indeed, the very high quality of life that Minnesota has for so long been famous.  What we need to do to solve this problem is to have the courage of our convictions and the faith in ourselves, our children, our state and our businesses to make the investments that will grow our economy and  provide for the type of  future we all want.

We must act quickly and intelligently to create the good paying jobs we need to rebuild the middle class and create a state economy that benefits everyone.